First Post!

First Post!

After a long time of thinking on how will I create my blog, here it is! My blog is finally online!

To accomplish something, you really need to push yourself to make at least 0.1% progress to have progress. Before, all I do is plan on how to do this blog – from code to infra, everything is just a plan. I even attempted to write a REST API for my blog, and unfortunately, I did not complete it. Then I tried to do it again, and again, with different plans, tech stack, UI, features, and everything. I did not complete this, too.

For a while, I am using our company's internal forum as an output for my blog. The blog is seem to be made of discourse, and I got inspired: if it is possible to deploy a customized ready made forum, it might be possible to deploy a customized blog, too!

Then I did some research: What is the best blogging platform to accomplish my goal?
First came in mind is I already know what WordPress is, and what it can do. I considered using WordPress, but I think it is "too powerful" for my needs. I just need a blogging platform.
Then I remembered Medium. I remember some friends told me that I share too much online, that I should consider making my Medium. I almost chose medium because the default theme looks modern for my taste. The problem is Medium does not support custom domain.
Then finally, after intense? searching online for the best platform that suits my needs, I saw Ghost.

Ghost has less feature than WordPress and Medium (I guess?), this is enough for me. I don't want extra features included in my blog that I will never use. As a bonus, I learned that Ghost uses markdown by default!
Looks does not matter to me anymore when I learned about these stuff. But I learned that Ghost has this free minimal theme: attila, which is exactly what I want.

Then here it is now: My blog site powered by Ghost!

What's next?

I need to study this platform more. There are features I read from the Ghost API that seems to match my pre-Ghost plans for my blog, such as multi-lingual content.
The basic site contents, such as the logo and icons are still using out-of-the-box Ghost assets.
For the content, I plan to migrate some of my content from our internal forum. May take a while, but that's the goal!

And of course, expect original contents for this blog!

Thank you all!

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