Linux Gaming Reviews: Among Us

Linux Gaming Reviews: Among Us

It's been while since I last wrote a review on my Linux gaming journey. You can read all my previous post on Linux gaming by going to the #Gaming tag.

Among Us

Among Us on Steam.

Among Us works very smooth, native-like in Linux – no noticeable or game-breaking bugs. The defects seems to be from the developers themselves rather than from my machine, since the errors I experience are also experienced by Windows users as what I saw from its Steam page discussions.

When I first bought Among Us from Steam, I was really annoyed at the servers sucking so bad – the server handshakes always fail! Failing to communicate to servers for an online game made it literally unplayable. Back then, I learned that I can only play this game on off-peak hours. This is expected since the game supports crossplay – imagine players in PC, Android, and iOS all playing together in the same server...

After a few days from that annoyance, the Innersloth, the developers of Among Us, released an update that helped make space for more players in the server. Then after a few weeks or so, another server update has been released that further enhances the server performance of the game. End users like me observed this by seeing the room codes changed from 4-letter code to 6-letter code. If you were to express it numerically, the number of possible servers has increased from around 460k to 310 million!

But of course, the game is not perfect. There are still some bugs that I experience that I cannot maximize my enjoyment from playing the game.

The major bugs that I encountered are:

  • In the current version, v2020.9.22s, Mouse+Keyboard control works perfectly. Before, it does not work at all or sometimes it works. I notice that the controls won't work after screen resizing. When I resize the game, it needs to be restarted to make the Mouse+Keyboard control scheme work. Speaking of resizing...
  • Game window resizing is hellishly broken. The game either plays in its minimum resolution windowed or full screen. I wanted to play the game windowed in 720p just like how I was playing it before the current version, but it seems that I have to play it full screen for now or suffer from not seeing stuff from the screen clearly.
One of Among Us available resolutions. Looks like 480p or a little smaller. That tiny window is not resizable.
And this is the full screen game. 1080p looks too big for me for a casual game.


Among Us just works in Linux. The server sucked before, but it's fine now. The game client itself has bugs but none affects the gameplay.

These bugs seems to be from the game itself, not because of using Proton. Even so, the game is still fun to play with friends!

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